Who are you?

I research and write about social issues–mainly education, crime, and social capital–and I am looking to spread good ideas that improve people’s lives. I’m also a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. You can read my full, very important-sounding biography here.

Where are the photos?

Try my Flicker account here.

Where are the videos and TV clips?

You can see clips of me on NBC’s Nightly News or on Washington Journal or even just jumping out of a plane.

Any radio?

Only want to hear me talk? Listen to me chat with Kurt Anderson on Studio 360 or Neil Conan of Talk of the Nation.

What ever happened to the Gardner art?

I wrote a book on the case in 2009 and have covered recent developments on my blog.  But honestly, I don’t know what happened to the art. In the book, I put forward a theory about who stole the art, that one of the thieves was a Boston gangster named David Turner. And if I were to speculate—and this is definitely speculation—I believe that the thieves most likely stashed the paintings somewhere outside of Boston and then lost control of the works.

That said, I believe that the lost masterpieces will come back to the Gardner museum. It might take years, decades, maybe even a century, but soon or later, the paintings will go back to the museum’s walls. Because in the world of art theft, hope springs eternal for good reason—it often takes years for stolen artworks to come back.

If anyone has any information on the Gardner heist, they can call my toll-free hotline 1-888-292-9380 or email me. They can also contact the Gardner museum’s Anthony Amore. He also collects tips. He can be reached at [email protected] or at 617 278 5114.

What happened to the Open Case?

I released the site the Open Case along with the book. It was part crime magazine, part social networking site, part America’s Most Wanted. The site tried to offer thought-provoking commentary about crime and criminal justice and we had some great bloggers including former New Times editor Rich Shea, author and gun expert Caitlin Kelly, and best-selling crime writer Casey Sherman. But like so many things Internet, the site died in 2011 and it has not been resurrected.

Have any conflicts of interest?

Yes, like most writers, I give lectures. I also occasionally do consulting for companies, foundations, and other non-profits. Here’s my full disclosure page.