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Tedx Talk On the Science of Learning

Ulrich Boser 3

My TEDx talk on the science of learning is up.

Thanks to the many people who made it possible.

I’d love any feedback.

  1. Clara Fitzpatrick Clara Fitzpatrick

    How much of your philosophy about learning styles, etc. have to do with a sales pitch for your company. More objective, scientific research, please

  2. Lin Cui Lin Cui

    Hey, Mr.Boser, I just finished reading your book Learn Better in the Chinese version. I can’t agree more on what you said in the book in order to be a good learner: 1. to find meaning and value from my learning material 2. to make association between my learning material and my daily life as well as what I’m interested in.
    Mr. Boser, I have to say that some ways of American education are really much better than the education that I have been receiving in China.
    Mr.Boser, I’m currently a postgraduate student at China’s Guangxi Normal University.
    I want to have two Ph.D degrees in the future.
    Do you think that I can achieve this by becoming a better learner?
    Please answer me, thank you very much!
    Best wishes to you!

  3. John Dougherty John Dougherty

    Agree with the previous poster. It’s disappointing that as university students, we’re taught to not put anything in our reports, etc without backing almost everything. However, in the real world there is very little (mostly no) information, even from ‘reputable’ sources that is actually based on properly done research or based on facts.

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