To help spread the word about important ideas and treads, I have been giving lectures around the country. I’ve also helped a wide variety of companies and nonprofits hone their work.

Most recently, I have been talking about the new science of learning and helping people gain the skill of “learning to learn.” In my talks, I discuss better ways to develop mastery, showing how simple techniques like self-questioning can help people gain expertise in dramatically better ways.

Among the important findings and practical tips, I tell a series of fascinating stories, explaining how artist Jackson Pollock learned to paint–and why an ancient Japanese counting device allows kids to do math at superhuman speeds.

As a speaker and consultant, I provide three services, including lectures, workshops, and advising.

To get a better sense of my lectures on the science of learning, see my book talk at the Center for American Progress or check out this video of me talking about the ancient abacus or just watch this Washington Post video on brain training. 

Some of my past speaking engagements include:

  • Google
  • AXA
  • Boston Public Library
  • Chief Executives Organization
  • George Lucas Foundation
  • Corcoran Museum
  • Providence Public Library

Some of my past consulting clients include:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The New America Foundation
  • Progressive Policy Institute
  • Learning Point Associates
  • US Chamber of Commerce