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Launch of the Learning Agency

Ulrich Boser 2

In an effort to improve education delivery services, I’ve decided to launch The Learning Agency.

Part service provider, part consultancy, the organization will offer professional services around the science of learning. We are a boutique firm that delivers value for our clients. In other words, we have a niche in the science of learning that we serve effectively and at cost.

Ulrich Boser started the Learning Agency after the success of his book “Learn Better.” Released in 2017, the book examines the new science of learning and was featured in many media outlets, including Wired, Slate, Vox, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and The Atlantic. Amazon called it simply “the best science book of the year.”

The Agency already has a number of partners and clients including  Class Dojo,the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Holdsworth Center. We are also in the process of developing a number of other projects including creating a mini-class on ‘learning to learn,’ a project using AI to help retrieval practice, and creating a science of learning network of scholars and practitioners.

More on the organization here.

  1. Judd Kahn Judd Kahn

    Please tell me where The Learning Agency is located. Also, is it possible to email directly to Ulrich Boser?
    Thank you.

    Judd Kahn

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