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Clarifications, Corrections, etc. for The Leap

Ulrich Boser 0

Here’s a list of clarifications, corrections, and other post-release explainers for my book on social trust:

-I misspelled Caitlin Kelly’s name. It’s is Caitlin Kelly, not Caitlin Kelley. I regret the error.

-There’s an endnote missing on page 128. The endnote should appear after the words “don’t know.” The endnote should read: Harford, The Economics of Trust. For a somewhat more skeptical take on the connection between political and social trust, see Putnam, Bowling Alone, page 466.

-On page 91, I write that “in areas with high political trust, there’s also less crime and a larger proportion of people own their own homes.” But that turns out not to be accurate at the state level. In fact, for some indicators, the opposite might be true. I regret the error. 

Last updated: October 24, 2014.

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