A Man of Letters

Matthew Carter doesn’t want you to notice the words you’re reading. That is, you shouldn’t be aware of the way the small, horizontal line at the top of the h hovers over the T at the beginning of this sentence. Nor should your eye catch on the heavy down strokes of a W that give the letter its classic look. “If the reader is conscious of the type, it’s almost always a problem,” Carter says. Letters on a page should “provide a seamless passage of the author’s thoughts into the reader’s minds with as much sympathy, style, and congeniality as … Read More

The Secret Agent

My editor swaggers into my office like a gunslinger heading into Dodge City. “I got a job for you, Boser,” she says. “Yeah,” I say. “And I got 104 keys on my keyboard–including one that says `escape.’ ” “Clam it,” she snaps. “I want you to check out one of those online classes. I hear they’re making trouble, big time. I need answers, and I need them now.” “All right, boss,” I say to her back as she walks out the door. My computer winks at me like a small-time hood in a police lineup. Does it know something I … Read More